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"We Get Several Calls A Week"

April Wnenk - Assured Corporation

"We get several calls a week from customers who searched and found us online and engaged with our website. I know the B Practical Marketing SEO Program and the New Website Design has really helped get us the exposure we needed."

Google Page ONE Results

"We Are Now On Page One"

Donald Jarka - Lawn Funeral Home

"Since we started working with B Practical Marketing, we are now on Page One when people Google our services. And we are seeing Great Results with the  Social Media and Banner Ads that proactively reach out to our target market."

Google Page ONE Results

"Customers Find Us"

Jack Maus - Dan D Jac's

"We’ve already had several groups of new customers find us from a Google search, and many have commented on how much they love our website. I’d recommend B Practical Marketing to anyone who is looking for a Solid Website and wants to be found."

Google Page ONE Results

55,325 Google Page ONE Results!

We Definitely Know A Thing Or Two About SEO.

Our Digital Marketing

We Have A Proven Digital Marketing Strategy That Gets Your Company In Front Of Your Prospects!

Website Design and Conversion

Your website is most likely the first place a prospect gets a sneak preview of your company. Don't waste that opportunity with a website that doesn't have a compelling message that drives your prospects to take action.

Organic SEO & Pay-Per-Click

Be found online when people are looking for your products or services. We have a proven track record for getting companies on Page One of Google. Our clients average over 200 Search Terms with Page One Results. How's that for Success!

Social Media Ads and Posts

Did you know there are nearly 3 Billion active users on Social Media? Hello....and you don't think your prospects are using it??? Guess Again! Social Media is a cost effective way to reach your target market exponentially.

Banner Ads and Retargeting

Like social media ads, banner ads are proactively getting in front of your prospects. Have you ever searched online for a service, and magically you begin to see it everywhere? It's not magic. You are being retargeted. Call us and we can explain.

Why Choose B Practical For Your

We Know Digital Marketing!

B Practical Marketing has been helping businesses "Grow Their Business" since 2001. The key to our success is the proven results of our marketing strategy that contributes to your success. The phrase, "You Can Lead A Horse To The Water, But You Can't Make It Drink" is what we use to help our customers understand the flow of digital marketing.

Let's talk about the first half of the phrase. We consider your Website to be the "Water" that we lead a "Horse" to. The Horse obviously being the Prospect. How we "Lead Horses" (Prospects) is by using several online methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Ads and Posts, and Banner Ads.

Now, let's discuss the second half of the phrase, "But You Can't Make It Drink". If your website does not have a compelling message or call to action, we have wasted time and money on bringing the prospects to your website if they don't take action or call you. So, as you can see, there are a lot of moving pieces to make digital marketing effective.

This is obviously just an analogy, but you can probably detect that there are many more variables in the mix. The point is, we know digital marketing and we love teaching you how all the pieces work together.  We would love the opportunity to discuss your digital marketing strategy with you. 

A Few More Reasons Why To Choose Us:

We Are Website Experts

You probably have a website, but it may be a doing your business no good if the proper hooks aren't in place. Unfortunately, we see many websites that are basically online brochures. The kicker is, it can't be found online. So what's the point if your business isn't getting any exposure? Your website needs to be the nucleus of your digital marketing strategy. Meaning, in most cases, it should be the place where your marketing dollars are directing your prospects to.

If your website Can't Be Found, Has No Traffic, or Doesn't Convert Leads, then where is the value?

Marketing "Done-For-You"

We Make it Easy. No two businesses are the same, so why would your marketing be? B Practical gets to know your business, listens to your needs, and creates a strategy and digital marketing package that is custom to your company’s needs and customers. Then we dive in and execute on your behalf.

Not only do we provide monthly reports to keep you up to date on our results, but we also continuously improve and tweak to get the absolute best results possible.

So You Can Do What You Love

You started your business so you can do something you love and are passionate about…and most of the time it’s NOT marketing. Yet digital marketing is essential to your business, and whether you’re doing it or not, you can be sure that your competitors are.

So why not hand it off to a company that is passionate and excited about marketing, and more importantly, helping your business grow?

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Why Are Businesses

Our Clients Understand that marketing is an ongoing never-ending strategy that builds exponentially.

A Consistent Marketing Plan Always Prevails And Will Produce Results.

"You Listened And You Delivered!"

Diane Adduci - Adduci Insurance

"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful website for my company. Not only is my website attractive, it actually tells a story about me and the services I can provide to my clients. You listened and you delivered. I can't thank you enough for your creativity, professionalism, and patience. Great Job!"

"B Practical Marketing Blew Us Away."

Steve Rotondi - Roma Sports Club

"They were a gem to deal with. It was impressive how they were able to understand my business and my vision for our website and put it all together. I cannot recommend them enough.

"They Get It Done Right And On Time!"

Steve Nierman - Music Education Services

"No matter what we ask, they get it done right and on time. They are now our full service provider, and they continue to impress with their abilities. I am confident that any organization fortunate to hire B Practical Marketing will be well served into the future. I highly recommend them."

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