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How Memorable is Your Website? B Practical Designs Websites that connect with your customers and prospects.

If you asked one of your customers to tell you what is on your website, could they tell you?

It’s sad, but true: over 50% of visitors to a website usually bail within the first 8 seconds. Why? Because they’re not engaged in a way that inspires them to stay. Over the course of the next minute, visitors will continue making decisions as to whether your site gives them what they need to take action. 

An overwhelming 85% of consumers say that the quality of a website is important in establishing credibility and trust before making a purchase. In fact, 77% of consumers say they would buy from an unknown company with a great website over a familiar company with a poor website. That’s a lot of pressure to perform from the very first moment a visitor enters your site. 

Enter B Practical. Let the experts help you engage your customers with a custom-designed website that is built specifically to promote your business, products and services. 

Why B Practical Websites?

Creative designs, Compelling content, and a Drive to buy

B Practical designs websites that are unique to you, work from both a marketing and business perspective, and are focused on generating results. We sit down with you, learn about your business and what you want to accomplish before we start designing your site. Once we understand your vision for your site, we create a web design that makes sense for your customers and your business. We create sites that:

  • Are engaging for your visitors
  • Compelling for your prospects
  • Are easy to navigate
  • Deliver your message clearly
  • Easy for you to update when you want
  • Provide credibility and a professional look and feel for your business
  • Make it easy for your customers to take action and/or purchase

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