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Why Social? Did you Know:

  • 53% of B2B Buyers Use Social to Research Vendors
  • 82% of Consumers Expect Companies to have a Social Presence on at least 3 Networks
  • 70% of Marketers have Successfully Obtained New Business from Facebook
  • 69% of Marketers see an increase in SEO Rankings after a year of Social Presence

Why Use Social Media?

What’s the most difficult and time consuming part of getting new customers? Finding and getting in front of people who can actually use your products or services. That’s where Social Media is invaluable.

Proactive Targeting

You can target groups of potential customers through a variety of different options, including location, demographics, industries and interests. You can also target people who have already visited your website.


Your Desired Target: Health and safety managers, environmental health and safety engineers.

Social Solution: Facebook has over 200,000 users  a month in the continental US with these job titles. LinkedIn: 23,000 users with these job titles in US.

Why Use Social for B2B Companies?

  • Incredible Targeting- Target prospects who have demonstrated they could use your products or services through job title, industry and user behavior
  • Get in front of these potential customers when and where they are relaxed, open, and accessible
  • It takes a minimum of 7 touches for someone to remember you. Let social do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and value to them continuously before they connect with you personally. I.E. build the like, know and trust factor before they meet you
  • B2B buyers are typically 57-90% of the way through the buying process before contacting a vendor. Social is a powerful method of building your brand and providing value to customers.

Why Use Social for B2C Companies?

  • Great way to promote the products and services of your brand
  • Cost-effective way to interact with your customers
  • Incredible targeting- target prospects who have demonstrated they could use your product or service through their behavior and prior purchases
  • Showcase your reviews and projects to help customers get to know you before they buy
  • Most consumers use social networks as a way to evaluate a company before using them

B Practical Solutions Offers Done-For-You Social Media Services

We develop a strategy that will work specifically for your business. We take into account the aspects that make your business unique, as well as your customers. We create a social media campaign that is customized to your business, maximizing your influence and channeling customers to your website.

Our team of writers, marketers, graphic artists and developers are dedicated to providing social media services that will generate the biggest impact for your business. Talk to us about how to make your company shine on social media.

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