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B Practical Makes it Easy For You To Sell Effectively Online

Looking to start an e-commerce site? Tried to sell your products and been hassled by the hang-ups? Struggled with your shopping cart? Had others try and fail to get your e-commerce site up and running?

We’ve heard it all, and we’re here to help. B Practical E-commerce is the simple, easy way to get your company selling online. We’ve dealt with companies with one product to thousands of products, from the simple to the very complex. We’ve also picked up the pieces from other development companies that have tried and failed to get a business selling online.

The Missing Link

Where so many developers and businesses fail in e-commerce is in creating a website and shopping cart that doesn’t fit your business or allow you to grow. As your business grows online, your needs will too. B Practical grows with you, with a team dedicated to helping you succeed every step of the way.

Why B Practical E-Commerce?


Our team of experts has experience in business as well as technology, and we understand the needs of your business and your customers. That means we create e-commerce sites that fit your business with room to grow in the future.


Our team creates e-commerce sites with customized shopping carts that work for you and your customers. Most developers use a basic shopping cart for e-commerce sites, but lack the programming knowledge to adapt the cart to your business. B Practical’s programming experts can customize your site and shopping cart to improve flow, make it easy for the customer to purchase and receive your products.

Compelling Product Pages.

Our designers work with you to create product pages that highlight your products and connect with your customers.

Customer-friendly sites.

We design our sites to make it easy for the customer to peruse, purchase and checkout. Our entire site is focused around guiding your customer through the sales process.

Easy for you to manage.

Comprehensive reporting, automatic email confirmations and more means that you spend your time with your business, not managing your website.

Works with your business.

B Practical builds e-commerce sites that fluidly integrate with the rest of your business to reduce costs, improve efficiency and create synergy among the different avenues of your business.

What Can Our E-Commerce Websites Do?

Just about anything you want them to. Between powerful technology and our ability to customize, B Practical E-commerce sites offer a myriad of features to enhance your shoppers’ experience and make it easier on you as well.

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